Landmarks of Zambia

Published: 11th August 2010
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For an expert angler, it is often a dream to go to Zambia, affectionately called Africa's 'diamond within the rough.' Fishermen from all corners of the globe, flock towards the Zambezi River to try their hand at fishing for your rare tigerfish or giant vundu. For people who want the much less adventurous side of life, be awestruck by magnificent curtain of drinking water known as the Victoria Falls. Using a width of practically two kilometers, waters fall down into the gorge almost 100 meters below to become a magnificent sight to behold.

Discovering the 'real' and untouched Africa will be rather challenging for travelers since travelling the long-distances of Zambia demands a great deal of patience but the scenic views are worthwhile. Carry boat-rides to get the best wildlife viewing inside the Lower Zambezi National Park where 1 may take a ride along the river and rest in camps or lodges in the long run. If you are lucky, you just might be able to catch some elephants bathing by the riverside. For chimp-lovers, go to the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage where around 50 chimpanzees are getting housed in this sanctuary and rehabilitation center. This natural playground is ideal for scenic trips on top of an elephant or for taking walks among the lions inside savannahs.

You'll find above 70 ethnically diverse persons that give part to the mesh of spiritual and traditional traditional customs of Zambia. The Zambian culture is mainly a clash between indigenous Bantu and Western cultures that was mainly a result of rapid urbanization. The colorful standard standard ceremonies featured in the various regions close to the country are a testament to cultural amalgamation that comprises Zambia.

Stop by Zambia during three different seasons: dry-season (mid-April to August) when the temperature drops at night yet the plants are lush, hot season (September to mid-November) which is the better season for wildlife watching along with the wet season (mid-November to mid-April) when bird-watching is at its pinnacle.

Tourists are generally safe close to Zambia, all the same there is always an opportunity of becoming potential targets for muggers or con artists, but with correct sensibility, a tourist shall greatly decrease that risk. The true danger lies around the borders from the Angola, Mozambique and also the Democratic Republic of Congo where landmines continue to pose as a huge threat to any passers-by.

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